Una Stef

Una Stef

Una Stef is a singer/songwriter from Reykjavík. This lady is known for her soulful music, powerful live shows with her band and vocals you don’t want to mess with.

Una first appeared on the Icelandic music scene in 2014 when she released her debut album Songbook. The album caught the eyes and ears of people from all over and received great critique. The first 2 singles from the album made it straight to the Top Radio Charts and Una’s music has been featured in TV, magazines and radio in Iceland as well as overseas.She has since then been performing with her band and with some of Iceland’s finest. Whether it’s epic shows in Eldborg with rock legend Gunni Thordar, swinging with the Reykjavík Big Band or selling out night after night at the Mulinn jazz club – Una keeps bringing it. One review highlights states that “Una is one of the greatest vocalists in Icelandic music history”.

For the past year she has been busy making and releasing music off her next album and so far all the 4 singles from her still unreleased sophomore album have made it to the Top Radio Charts with “The One” being nominated at the 2018 Icelandic Music Awards as ‘Song of the year’ and Una as ‘Singer of the year’.