Árstíðir - You Again

ON TOUR NOW: Facebook us: Download us: iTunes us: Google Play: collaborative project with visual artist Kitty Von-Sometime.This video was shot on the Langjökull glacier in Iceland in the summer of 2014.For more information about Kitty and her work, see her awesome Vimeo channel:, directed and performed by Kitty Von-Sometime Music written and performed by Árstíðir Director of Photography: Hákon Sverrisson Editor: Gunnar B. Guðbjörnsson Visual effects and grading: Michael Todd Costume: Fiona Cribben Camera Assistants: Magga Vala, Carolina Salas Muñoz, Magnús Atli Heart: Karolina Daria Flora Choker: Benas Staskauskas Ice Sculpture: Ottó Magnússon Makeup: Sigrún Jorgensen Director’s prompt and costume assistant: Margrét Sigríður Valgarðsdóttir Graphics and costume assistant: Júlía Hvanndal Special thanks to and Arctic Adventures
  • Artist: Árstíðir
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  • Duration:3.88 min
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