Band Management

FlyingFox strives in finding the most diverse, interesting musical talent out there. Your sound must be something that peaks the interest of a jaded woman who has heard it all. In her words, “It’s all been done. Prove me wrong, and I will be in your service for life.” Challenge accepted? If so, you can look forward to FF securing you a booking agent or agents that fits YOU, and getting you out on the road for 18 month album cycles (the proven method for selling records and getting your name out there, btw). Let’s also get you a record contract if you don’t already have one, as well as publishing… Yes, you should know about publishing. We’ll help you. Management positions are very limited, as you will be getting a little bit of the heart and soul of FlyingFox, and in order to do this, the number must be kept limited to insure everyone gets the attention the deserve. There are no little fish here. Everyone is a big fish, in a small sea.

Production and Event Services

Your one stop shop for everything that has to do with your tour or event Detail is the priority and making the impossible, possible is what is strived for. No matter what your budget, FF will arrange everything for your tour from renting the vehicle, to printing out the price tags for your merchandise. For your event, no corner will be left un-turned from arranging limo service, to picking out the table cloth and placing it on the table for your A-level guest. Budget planning, advancing, creating riders, crew and catering referral and hire, flights, hotels, backline, facilitating visas, merchandise set up start to finish with all of our personal connections, help with CWA’s, endorsements, laminates, budgets, VIP coordination, spreadsheets, etc, etc. We think of everything you forgot to think of. There is a package available for everyone, no matter your means. It’s tough out there, and pre-production can be extremely time consuming as well as overwhelming. Let FlyingFox take some of the mystery meat off of your plate… Because let’s face it. We’ve all seen the mystery meat, and it’s not something you want to mess with.

When taken on as a client, your service options are limitless. Hell, we’re happy to even plan your Grandmother’s 100th birthday party, or your kid’s Star Wars themed birthday party. (NOTE: As a registered nerd company, FlyingFox is legally allowed to geek out at said Star Wars party.)

This doesn’t begin to cover what FlyingFox is able to do for you. As mentioned, options are unlimited. Have an idea? A question? A comment? We would LOVE to hear from you.