Flying Fox

Flying Fox

FlyingFox AB was founded when owner Erin Lynch decided to take her 22+ years of music industry experience to the next level. Originally hailing from South Jersey, US&A and coming from a long background of various jobs in almost every aspect of the business, including, but not limited to, music director of her college radio station, head of promotion for local record companies, Philadelphia Music Conference panel coordinator, warehouse manager for an established metal label, record company owner, touring merchandiser for several established acts over 19 years, tour manager and production manager over 15 years, band manager, and backstage manager for dozens of international artists and events in her current hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, she decided to take all of these years of experience in several departments, and combine them for an all stop shop.

You see, FlyingFox is the company that actually gives a flying fox about YOU (see what we did there?).

After years of touring the Global circuit, being at the mercy of record companies, management, and production companies who hadn’t the slightest idea of what it’s actually like for a band and crew to tour, Erin realized that something had to give. It’s easy to accept amazing offers from behind a desk, when you get to go home and be cozy in your own bed at night. Sure the offers might look good on paper, and of course, finding the cheapest means of travel is part of the job. But part of the job for the touring musician and crew member is to give 110% every single day and night. There is no calling in sick on the road. You’re the only one there to do the job, and if you can’t do the job, then there is no show. Taking a flight with 7 layovers over the course of 19 hours to reach a place that could have been achieved in far less time to save a few bucks, is torture on the people who have to endure this trip, and leads to a cranky crew and an exhausted band who are unable to give the expected 110%.

Flying Fox is a full service, unlimited company. Let us explain…Head on over to “Services” if your interest has been peeked.