Newest Signing: Costin Chioreanu

Newest Signing: Costin Chioreanu

Wed, June 03, 2020

FlyingFox is remarkably honored to announce our newest management venture for world renowned artist, Costin Chioreanu.

Many of you will know Costin from his visual work for a plethora of bands, including but not limited to: Opeth, Ghost, At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Katatonia, Sólstafir, Roadburn Festival, etc. Most recently, he also did the latest Horisont video for the song “Revolution, which you can see here.

What many of you may NOT know, however, is that his talents stretch far beyond just doing visuals behind closed doors. And that’s where FlyingFox comes in. Where we can help showcase the live aspect of the brilliance behind Costin’s work.

Services that will now be available exclusively through FlyingFox are as follows:

- Exclusive Gallery or Event Exhibitions: Costin has quite a collection of original artwork and music to present to the world. This can be a mix of mediums and themes, or a specific subject focusing on just album artwork, for example. Or perhaps an all-encompassing experience based on just the videos. His catalogue of work is vast. Dark and light. Space and Earth. Sight and Sound. The goal here is to have Costin’s hard work shown in public or private exhibitions of all sorts, worldwide, showcasing a mix of mediums developed as a whole design.

- Live Painting: Per event or per tour. Costin will paint live, on stage, during a concert or event. The audience will watch the canvas come to life while he takes his surroundings and unique point of perspective both audibly and visually from the stage to create a one of a kind masterpiece in front of a live audience. The process of the painting will be shown on a backdrop screen so the audience can see every stroke of the brush as they are immersed into his world through the sounds of the band he is painting for. The unique piece of art will be available for sale at the end of each event.

- Live Solo Appearances: One-man band show focused on contemporary music / dark / experimental / ambient sonic realms. This is something to behold as Costin expresses his artistic mind in the form of music. Anything and everything that you can imagine can come to existence in one of these performances. This is perfect for any sort of festival, event, exhibition, gallery, etc. Have an idea? Drop me a line.

- Public Exhibitions Based on Client Commissions: Exclusive projects including art exhibition, screenings and soundtrack, all created by Costin himself, to represent an overall collective of mixed mediums. There are literally no boundaries with this one. Ballets, art galleries, cultural events, book interpretations, films, theater, operas, etc. Have you ever wondered what Costin’s version of the darker side of Pippi Longstocking would look like, for example? Yeah. Me too. The sky’s the limit with this one. We can discuss simply doing the visual art aspect of your idea, and/or also including video and a soundtrack, all from the same mind to form a coherent vision.

- Creating Commissioned Compositions: For other visual artists, any kind of event or long and short movie soundtracks. Looking for a soundtrack to accompany your reading of poetry, your soliloquy or a story by H.P Lovecraft? Have you just produced a short film project or documentary that you need the perfect accompanying background for? Or perhaps you are a dancer and you are looking for a particular piece of music that you have yet to hear to perform your solo. You can work together to find the missing unique musical aspect of your own piece of art. Music has the occasion to truly bring your work to life.

There is so much room for creative interpretation here. Do you have an idea pertaining to any of these services mentioned that you would love to see brought to life? There are no boundaries in art.

“I’ve been a huge fan and admirer of Costin’s work ever since I first laid eyes on his intricate interpretation of space, time, Earth and humanity. His style is incredibly unique and just hit all of my senses in the right way. I could see the story he was trying to tell, so vividly. It is an extreme honor to be able to work with someone radiating talent on multiple channels to help him further his career through ‘outside the box’ practices. I am so excited to see what new levels we can reach with this. ”– Erin Lynch, FlyingFox AB

Head on over to The Artist’s Page to learn more about Costin, and see some stellar examples of his work.